Welcome to the Pursuing Our Community landing page! Please visit often as we will be adding inspiring stories and tips for engaging with people in your world who are outside the church. We'll also be telling you about ways you can engage in Reaching Our Community with opportunities here at Bent Tree.

If we're honest, it's scary to think about talking to others about Jesus, especially in today's world. But when we take some time and think about how good Jesus is and how he makes our lives better, we realize that Jesus is too good to just keep to ourselves. When we couple that with an understanding of who we are - people who are called to Christ and sent to people - we can live intentionally, on mission, and share the good news of Jesus with those around us.

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Sent Conversations

What is a Sent Conversation:

These are intentional spiritual conversations with people who don’t yet know Jesus or who you aren’t sure of their relationship with him! This could be simply listening to someone share a difficult situation they’re going through and offering to pray with them or for them. Other examples could be:

  • You invite someone to church.
  • You invite a friend to MSM or HSM.
  • You share about how Jesus makes a difference in your life.
  • You ask someone about their church/spiritual background.
  • You ask someone about their spiritual journey.
  • You ask someone if there is anything that you can be praying for them about (this works great with servers at restaurants).
  • You invite someone to the Christmas Drama or Christmas Fest.

3,340 of 4000

Sent Conversations this year. Our goal as a church body is to have 4,000 or more Sent Conversations between August 1, 2023, and July 31, 2024. This number was last updated on June 20, 2024

Share Your Sent Conversations


In this section, you'll find videos and content to inspire and encourage you to be Called to Christ and Sent to People! You'll find examples of Sent Conversations going really well and examples of Sent Conversations not going well. It's ok! Success is defined by stepping into the opportunity that Holy Spirit gives you, not by what comes out of that conversation. The truth is that God is at work all around you in peoples' lives and God wants to use you to point people to Jesus and show them the love that God has for them.



Author: Heather and Ashley Holleman

In Sent, they provide insights and stories gleaned from their experiences so you too can live into your identity as sent. You’ll learn practical strategies for gathering those in your community through discussion questions and activities that teach everything from asking good questions to sharing your own stories of gospel transformation. Use this resource individually or in groups to grow in intimacy with Christ as you engage the world around you with the hope and love of Christ. When we believe in God’s desire to reach the lost, how we live our own lives changes, and we begin to partake in the joys—not obligations—of evangelism.

The Six Converstations

Author: Heather Holleman

Conversation is getting harder. We're feeling more isolated. Loneliness is becoming an epidemic. Are you looking for meaningful conversations? For practical skills to connect with others? Heather invites us to imagine better conversations and introduces the Four Mindsets of a Loving Conversation, along with all the best practices for enjoying great conversations. Based on the dimensions of what it means to be human - the social, physical, emotional, cognitive, volitional, and spiritual - readers discover ways to engage in vibrant conversation, including effective questions and action steps to implement in any situation immediately.


There are a number of videos including Sent Stories, Alpha Stories, and other videos in this youtube playlist for you here to review. You may also view this playlist using the player below.

Invitation Opportunities

A simple way to have a Sent Conversation is to invite someone to attend an event with you at Bent Tree.


Sent Series Recap

Who is a Disciple?

Being a disciple means that we are called to Christ and sent to people.

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Sent is a Farmer?

Our “sentness” is Christlikeness. 

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Seeing Differently?

Living a Sent Life is to see people through the eyes of the one who has sent you.

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Sent to Athens

As sent people, learning the cultural framework of where people are can help us in our relationships with them.

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Stories are powerful, stories of Jesus are enterally powerful.

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A Conversation

We are called to Christ and sent to people.

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