Family Ministry

Experiencing and sharing the love of Jesus with kids and students

We want kids and students to learn what it really means to have a personal relationship with Jesus. From early childhood through high school ministry, we use Biblical teaching, engaging worship, and intentional small group time to plant seeds of faith that will ultimately help your children develop a faith of their own.

What to Expect During Together Sundays

Every year at Bent Tree, we choose several weekends to celebrate what we call “Together Sundays.” This is an opportunity for parents to worship with their first through eighth-grade children. As you experience Together Sundays in “big church” as a family, your children will see you model worship and experience being part of the bigger community of Bent Tree.

While these Together Sunday services are still geared toward adults, we know your kids will be kids! It can be overwhelming the first time you bring your elementary kid into the service with you. But don’t worry! We know they won’t always use their inside voice, they may wiggle and laugh, but we want them to be who they are. We also have some kid-friendly areas around our lobby where mom or dad can go take a break with their little one while the service is broadcast on the monitors throughout the building.

Most importantly, we hope you as parents will use these unique Sundays to have faith conversations as you talk about the morning and their experience. Sometimes it’s not so much what your kid learns but how you model what it looks like to grow in your faith. Ask them some questions, but also share with them how Christ is working in you.

We know it won’t always be easy, but we also believe you can do this!

2023 Together Sunday Dates

*There will be no kid's programming on January 1, May 28, & December 31, even for Early Childhood. There will be kid-friendly areas in the lobby (where the service will be broadcast on the screens) for parents with restless kids.