We're sorry for your loss.

Our desire is to serve with compassion and excellence families who are grieving the death of a loved one. Our pastoral staff will work alongside you to assist in this time of grief. Please use the form below to contact a community pastor (or pastor with a relationship with your family), so we can determine your immediate needs. You can also start the conversation by calling 972-306-4477.

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Policy & Procedures

Click the button below for a downloadable copy of the process for preparing services held at Bent Tree. We also offer a Family Worksheet designed to help you gather the information needed throughout the process.

Policies & ProceduresFamily Worksheet

Guest Pastor Statement

We welcome pastors from other churches and denominations of the Christian faith to participate in memorials at Bent Tree. Please have the guest pastor fill out the "Guest Pastor Statement" below.

Gusets Pastor Statement

Bent Tree Building Use Statement

No activity on church property may contradict the purpose or doctrine of Bent Tree – whether the activity has an overt religious purpose (preaching, worship services, Bible instruction, communion, baptism, weddings, funerals) or an implied religious purpose (social service, community service, mentorship, benevolence, charity, schools). In addition, church property is exclusively reserved for persons and organizations whom acknowledge and adhere to Bent Tree’s Statement of Faith and position on marriage. Bent Tree’s position on marriage affirms the biblical understanding of marriage as a sacred covenant between one man (created by God and born as man) and one woman (created by God and born as a woman). This conviction shapes all Bent Tree practices, including weddings and funerals, hosted at the church.

Contact for Funerals & Memorial Services

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