Faith Essentials

Faith Essentials

At Bent Tree, we are a relationally-driven, biblically-based community centered on Jesus. We want Christ to be front and center in all we do, since he is the source of Life. As such, there are three things we consider to be of vital importance for you to know as you begin your journey with us.

The Good News

The Good News of the gospel is the starting point — who is Jesus and what did he do to bring us back to God. If you’ve never had a point in your life when you received God’s free gift of salvation, please go here.


After receiving Christ, the next step is to declare your faith publicly. This is done through baptism, and it’s an important faith milestone where we want to come alongside you. Find out more and apply below.


Finally, as a member of the believing community, all professing Christians are invited to join us in communion. We partake in the elements (bread and grape juice) once each month, and we continue in the age-long tradition of remembering and celebrating Christ's completed work for us on the cross. Find out more below.