Advocating for Children

Children are among the most vulnerable, exposed, and voiceless people in the world. According to recent research released by the World Bank, 25% of the world’s population is under the age of 15. Due to disease and lack of accessible health care, that percentage is much higher in some areas (41% of Africa’s population, as an example, is aged 0-14 years).

We desire to see them given protection, justice, access to food and health care, education, and opportunities to hear about the love of Christ.

Missions Fund Giving

Missions Fund

Missions Fund Giving is how Bent Tree funds our Missions budget. Your gifts to missions are donations beyond giving to the general fund and extend Bent Tree’s missions initiatives here and around the world. When you give to the Missions Fund, 100% of your giving goes to support our Mission Strategy. None of it is used for overhead or staff salaries.

Give to Missions Fund

Missions Strategy

We want to move with Christ to restore hope, value, and dignity here and around the world.
We do this through five initiatives: Reaching the Unreached, Responding to Crisis, Strengthening Churches, Advocating for Children, and Empowering Women.