Tammy Gray

Tammy Gray

Outreach Pastor

Global & Local Missions
On staff at Bent Tree since 2018

Tammy equips, encourages, challenges, and provides opportunities for church members in outreach as they pursue their community. This involves them becoming more active in sharing their lives and faith with friends, family, co-workers, neighbors, and others in their spheres of influence.

About Tammy

I married my husband in 1992 and we came to Bent Tree in 1993. We have three daughters who have grown up at Bent Tree. The funny thing about having three girls is that I didn't grow up with a sister and was actually very much a "tomboy" who loved to play tackle football whenever I could!

My dream for Bent Tree is that we would be people who let the light of Jesus shine through us in such a way that people see we're different and want to know why. And then I pray that we would step into those opportunities by sharing the hope we have in Jesus.