Bruce Decker

Bruce Decker

Community Pastor

Carrollton Campus


On staff at Bent Tree since 1996

Bruce started working at Bent Tree as Associate Pastor. He then became Executive Pastor before transitioning to his current role of Community Pastor.

About Bruce

I’ve been married to Margaret since 1972, and we have two kids, five grandkids, and two needy Chihuahuas. I became a Christian at the age of 31 while I was working as a business executive. I started serving as a pastor in 1996.

My dream for Bent Tree is that we, as God’s church, fulfill our mission to be used by God as he transforms people into disciples of Christ, here and around the world. May we make disciples to advance God’s kingdom and share his love in all areas of life: at home, at work, and in our neighborhoods. I pray that we will grow in the grace and knowledge of Jesus step-by-step, for his glory.