The Next Generation

We believe that it's important for kids to worship together and be known by others in their age group. That's why we use large-group teaching and small groups to help them connect and grow in their faith. When you come through the doors on Sunday, we want to help you feel at home and make it easy for you to find your way. So come join us and see how we can partner with you to share the hope and freedom we have in Jesus with your kids.

Visiting on Sunday Mornings:
  1. When you arrive, head to the Welcome Desk in our lobby.
  2. You will be asked to complete a guest card.
  3. A guide will assist you with getting your kids to their rooms!

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Early Childhood

Infants - Kindergarten

In our Early Childhood Ministry, we believe in laying a strong foundation of faith in Jesus Christ for every child. Our goal is to create a safe and welcoming environment where your child can grow and learn about God. The three primary things we want kids to know are that God made them, that God loves them, and that Jesus wants to be their friend forever. We strive to instill these values in every child and help them develop a lifelong relationship with Jesus.


Grade 1-5

In our Elementary Ministry, we believe that every child can develop a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. We strive to create a safe and welcoming environment where kids can learn and grow in their faith. Our aim is to help each child understand that with Jesus, they can make wise choices, love others as they love themselves, and trust in Him no matter what. These principles are woven into everything we do, and we are committed to partnering with parents to help their children grow spiritually and develop a strong foundation for life.

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