Annual Report 

August 1, 2022 - July 31, 2023

Bent Tree Family

We are nearing the end of another incredible year of ministry. As we have experienced and shared the love of Jesus together, we rejoice in the light of life that has come to many through our church this year. In fact, here are a few stories from those who were baptized this past year. 

  • “I grew up in in East Germany and started attending church when I came to the United States as a foreign exchange student. I have been attending Bent Tree for 15 years now. I have placed my faith in Christ now and have seen Jesus take away my worries and give me direction for the challenges I face.”
  • “Though I grew up at Bent Tree, mental health struggles and medical complications drew me away from God. But God used a friend from church to remind me that God was not done with my story. I am now a born-again believer in Christ and taking my next steps in my spiritual journey.”
  • “I first heard about Bent Tree through my neighbor’s yard signs for Easter at Bent Tree. My neighbor told me that Bent Tree is a “come as you are” church so I gave it a try. I listened to the Exiles sermon series, and it sealed my conviction to follow Jesus so I recommitted my life to Christ.”
  • “When my husband passed away a few years ago, I felt alone and started to search for answers to my life. My friend encouraged me to read the Bible and visit Bent Tree. I have since recognized my need for a savior and have placed my faith in Jesus. I am a new creation in Christ now.”
  • “I was raised in a Buddhist home and practiced Buddhist rituals. I tried to manage life on my own, but it became exhausting. God used my yoga instructor to share Christ with me and I said yes to Jesus. I suddenly felt hope and joy. My guilt, doubt and weight was lifted because I knew Jesus had forgiven me. I am new and whole in Christ for the first time in my life.”
  • “I grew up in a Christian household but in 6th grade, my life broke down. I developed anxiety which spiraled into OCD and depression. I lost sight of God. One night during a severe anxiety attack, I tried all of my coping strategies to find relief. Nothing worked. I looked down and saw on my floor a Bible. So, I closed my eyes and prayed, “God, help!” Suddenly, a wave of calm washed over me and I gave my life to God once again and have never looked back.”
  • I started attending Bent Tree Online. For several years, I tried to find joy in the wrong places. Instead, I became depressed and anxious. I began to explore faith and purpose through Alpha here at Bent Tree. I have now come to Christ for forgiveness, guidance, joy, love, and healing.”
  • “Though I grew up in a Christian home, for 30 years I was far from God and labeled myself as an agnostic. Over the last 8 years, my coworkers sent me sermons about God’s grace. I finally watched a sermon on grace and gave my life to Christ. I recognize that Jesus died for me and that he is the King of Kings who calls me his own.”

These are just a few of the many who this past year encountered Jesus through Bent Tree. Thousands more around the world are meeting him through our missions. And of course, our members and attendees are growing spiritually here at home. Thank you for actively participating with us in this ministry.  

Worship Together


2,602 average weekly attendance

We have had a 22.62 % increase in our weekly attendance since September 2022.

Take Your Next Step


Increase in weekly in-person average attendance


Average weekly online devices connected


Increase in Early Childhood average attendance


Increase in Elementary average attendance


Students connected in small groups


Increase in Special Needs average attendance

Be Known

129 New Adult Members

52 Water Baptisms

147 Adult Small Groups

1437 Adults in Small Groups

Make A Difference


We had over 900 volunteer servants support the ministry of Bent Tree


We collected over 3,000 lbs of food for local food banks


We helped feed 250 families during Christmas and Summer school breaks


During blood drives 58 people gave providing blood to potentially save over 170 lives


Assisted our missions partner Poiema in their 2023 to date recuse of over 60 missing children


We provided benevolence assistance to over 50 families in need

Bent Tree Worship

Bent Tree Worship

New original worship reached thousands of listeners on streaming services such as Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon, and more.

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We sent 101 Adults and Students 

In the past year, we've been all about living out our mission to experience and share the love of Jesus. We sent 101 adults and students on eight mission journeys. We teamed up with our supported mission partners right here in Dallas and went as far as India. These journeys aren't just about going places; they're about making a real impact. Whether it's helping out in our Dallas community or working with mission partners across the globe, these journeys are what our mission is all about—experiencing and sharing the love of Jesus.

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Your continued generosity allows our ministries and missions to flourish.