What is Alpha

Alpha is a series of interactive sessions where guests can freely explore life and the Christian faith in a friendly and informal environment.

Alpha meets on Wednesday nights at Bent Tree (J108)
6:30 to 8:30

Starts September 6


What does a night at Alpha look like?


Food brings people together, whether a group of friends gathered around a kitchen table or a quick catch-up over coffee and cake. It's no different at Alpha. Every session starts with food because it's a great way to build community and get to know each other. 


The talks are designed to engage and inspire conversation. Usually, around thirty minutes long, they can be given as a live talk or played as a video. They explore the significant issues around faith and unpack the basics of Christianity, addressing questions from "Who is Jesus?" and "How can we have faith?" to "Why and how do I pray?" and "How does God guide us?"


Probably the essential part of any Alpha: is the chance to share thoughts and ideas on the topic and discuss it in a small group. There's no obligation to say anything and nothing you can't say (seriously). It's an opportunity to hear from others and contribute your perspective in an open, friendly, and relaxed environment. No question is out of bounds; you can discuss as much or as little as you wish.


Q: How does an Alpha Session work?

A: An Alpha session lasts for 2 hours. You come for a meal, watch a short video, and share your thoughts on the talk with your small group, who you will meet at the first session. During the discussion portion of the session, you can ask your small group any questions. Your session host will ensure the discussion ends on time. 

Q: How long is an Alpha Course?

A: Alpha usually lasts 12 weeks with a day away in the middle.

Q: How much does Alpha cost?

A: Great news! Alpha is free. There will be a retreat in the middle of Alpha that will have a cost per person

Q: I am coming and will not know anybody else. Is that normal?

A: Yes! Most people come to Alpha without knowing anybody else on the course. By the end of the course, most people become good friends. Alpha is a great way to meet new people!

Q: Do I have to talk and share my thoughts?

A: No! You may remain silent if you wish.

Q: Can I just ‘come and see’ for the first week?

A: Yes! Just please register to let us know you will be attending.

Q: What if I go for a week or two and don’t want to continue?

A: At any point, if you think Alpha isn't for you, that's not a problem. There's no pressure!

Q: What if I missed the first week?

A: It doesn't matter if you missed the first week of Alpha - you can catch up. Anyone is able to register until week 3; after that we would encourage you to check back on this website and sign up for our next Alpha course, and start from week 1.

Q: I have more questions. Who do I contact?

A: Questions can be directed by email to Tammy Gray ( ) - Outreach Pastor.