Enter the upper room.

It was the final hours before Jesus was arrested and sent to the cross. He gathered with his disciples to celebrate the Passover feast one last time, knowing that soon he himself would become the foretold Passover Lamb. In that place, Jesus shared with his disciples valuable truths about servanthood, the way to the Father, the coming of the Holy Spirit, living a life of dependence, facing persecution, and the unity of believers. 

These words of truth have power for us today. As a church community, we want to take time to reflect on Jesus' words from John 13-17. We want them to permeate our souls, so they lead us to greater knowledge of Jesus. The resources provided here invite you to do just that — take in his truth and meet with him personally. 



JoAnn Hummel

JoAnn Hummel

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Matt Smith

Matt Smith

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Amy Cedrone

Amy Cedrone

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Steve Frissell

Steve Frissell

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Latest Sermons

Part 1: Servant of All

March 17, 2019


What does it mean to love others like Jesus loves them? JoAnn Hummel explores how Jesus’ humility in serving the disciples was a conduit of his extraordinary love for them.


Part 2: Comfort amidst Trouble

March 24, 2019


How do we face the challenges that come our way? JoAnn Hummel teaches about the comfort and courage we have from Jesus.


Part 3: Sourced and Commissioned

April 7, 2019


Sometimes we give fear the power to cripple our lives. But Jesus offers us so much more as we look to him in dependent faith.


Part 4: Unity of Believers

April 14, 2019


As Jesus approached the cross, he stops to pray for his disciples and for us. He asks the Father for three things, and they each speak to us today.


Good Friday: Were You There?

April 19, 2019


Step into the drama of the final moments of Jesus' life like only the Apostle John can tell it. Steve Frissell takes us through John 18-19.


Easter: Everything Changed

April 21, 2019


When Jesus rose, everything changed! Four of our teaching pastors explore the new realities that have come about because of the resurrection — with God, with ourselves, and with others.


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Latest Podcast

Part 5: Easter
Matt Smith talks with JoAnn Hummel and Amy Cedrone

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Devotional on John 17 | The Upper Room

Week 5: John 17

Author: Elisa Laird

In the final chapter of the Upper Room Discourse, John lets us eavesdrop on a prayer from Jesus to his Father. Jesus begins with himself, but rather than a litany of requests (he is about to face rejection, brutality, and crucifixion), Jesus’ prayer is laced with praise and truth about who Jesus is and the promise found in him.

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Scripture Reading

A live, dramatic reading of John 13 through 20 by Arthur Morton

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