Frequently Asked Questions

What happens if we don’t reach our goal?  Will we take on debt?

We will not take on debt for this campaign. We earnestly believe this is the direction that Christ is leading us, and we will walk faithfully toward that vision as he provides the resources through our body. The proposed sequence of each initiative is based on projected cash flow from the campaign. The timelines can be adjusted based on actual cash flow.

How does Faith Promise fit into The Gift campaign?

Giving to the Faith Promise fund will remain a yearly pledge independent of The Gift campaign.

What is the sequencing of these initiatives?

These five initiatives are staged out over 2015-2018, and will ramp up as funds become available through giving. As of summer 2017, our next focus is on development for the Frisco campus.


Bent Tree is capable of processing creative strategies for giving — including, but not limited to, stocks, land, etc. If you are interested in exploring these ideas, please contact Sheila Buckler.

MORE Questions?

Sheila Buckler