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Campaign Update

Bringing Christmas to the Third Ward
DECEMBER 2, 2017

Our capital campaign, which we've simply called The Gift, is aimed at giving more people more opportunities to be touched by the grace of God.

We are nearing the first anniversary of a three-year campaign, and we've made some important progress. Right now is an important time for us. Your one-time gift could make the difference in a life beyond our walls who desperately needs to hear about God’s grace.

This is a fantastic opportunity to accelerate the work of God through The Gift.

For all of you who have given, thank you for your generosity! For those of you who are considering to give, please take a moment to ask God how he might be leading you. This is between you and the Lord. I hope it can be a joyful act of worship.

 The essence of The Gift is Jesus, who


We desire to share The Gift with more people,
through these key initiatives: