Rachel Bledsoe

Rachel Bledsoe

Coffee Bar Team Lead

Carrollton Campus


On staff at Bent Tree since 2016

Rachel makes coffee and tea on Sundays and during the week. As Team Lead, she works with a number of volunteers, handles catering requests for events at the church, stays in touch with vendors like Hope Coffee and Compassion Tea, and handles transactions at the bookstore.

About Rachel

I am the youngest of three kids to my wonderful parents, and our family of five is growing: My brother is married and I am engaged. The seven of us are fluent in puns and sarcasm as well as English. I am what people would call a nerd — so much so, that my friends and I go to conventions around the metroplex dressed in cosplay (costumes of characters from different shows, movies, comic books, etc.).

My dream is that those who attend Bent Tree will realize what difference a cup of coffee makes, both for the people we meet and those we don't. I hope God will open hearts as people share a cup of coffee together, that he will make new connections in the lives of those enjoying the warmth of our tea, and that people will realize the impact choosing ethical products has on the lives of those they haven’t ever met.