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New Covenant Key Terms

This resource not only helps to better understand phrases and words that you’ll hear a lot around Bent Tree, but it is also a wonderful exploration into some of the important words and phrases of the New Covenant and why it’s so important to our lives.

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At salvation, we are fundamentally changed in the core of our being and this impacts our identity. Just as John, the “beloved disciple” knew, we are loved more than we can imagine. God’s love for us changes us and makes us into people who are not only loved but are now loving towards others. And this is the new command of the New Covenant - to love as we are loved.

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Grace Arc

We all have a story. This resource helps us learn how to process our own story, realize how God has faithfully led us to know him more, and live differently. It’s also a helpful resource for learning how to better tell our stories to others.

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