Original Music

Celebrate the New and Living Way.

The New Collective is a gathering of worship artists creating original music from Bent Tree that celebrates the truths of the New Covenant. When Jesus came, his death on the cross ushered in a completely new way of relating with God — a "new and living way" that is characterized by grace and the astounding reality that the Holy Spirit lives inside every believer. (Read more about this reality in Hebrews 8-10, among other places in the New Testament.)

God is at work in the hearts and lives of our people. New songs are rising up as we learn to rest in the truths of the New Covenant. Our hope and our prayer is that these songs implant the truths of the New Covenant into your heart, and that these songs spread to encourage the global Church at large.

We hope you'll listen to these songs and let them permeate your soul, so you celebrate more deeply the work of Christ on your behalf.