Online Community

We're glad you're here.

We are excited you have come to be a part of our gathering, and are thankful you've invited us into your lives. We know the online community is another facet of what God is doing in the midst of us each week. We pray that what happens in your heart as you engage with us online translates into "off-line" conversations you have with the people in your life this week, as you share with them what God is doing in you.

You don’t have to do this alone! Our heart is to encourage you to connect with others and explore together ways God wants to work in and through you. Consider inviting others in your world - friends, family, neighbors - to share this time with you.

No matter where you are, or where you're coming from, know that we're praying for you — that Christ, by his Spirit, would draw you into a place of dependence on his Life and availability to his leading, to the glory of the Father.


This Week

Here are some resources for you as you join us online for this Sunday's service.



Worship with us in Early Childhood this week by watching the large group video below, then use the conversation starters to help you connect the main idea from the Bible story with your child's everyday life. These questions are designed to help you share your faith with your child, and hear how your child is thinking about God and Jesus.


Episode 3

In this week's episode of Made, Morgan is building a masterpiece block castle when she slips and knocks it over. All of her hard work is gone in a moment, and the project was so important to her. Craig sees how sad she is and reminds her that just like her castle was important to her, we are even more important to God. He tells the story of the Lost Sheep and how the shepherd left 99 sheep to go after one lost sheep. We are all like the lost sheep and Jesus is like the shepherd who comes after us. You see, when we wander away from God because we sin by choosing our own way over God's way, we get lost. But God loved us so much that he gave us his Son. Why? So that sin wouldn't keep us separated from God. When we believe that Jesus died to save us and rose from the dead, we receive eternal life here and now and forever. We become Jesus' friend forever. When Morgan hears this amazing story, she realizes that she is important to God and can let go of knocking the castle down.


Conversation Starters

Older 3's & Up

For PARENT and KID: What is it like to be lost?
For PARENT: Share a time when you thought you had lost your little one. Tell them what it was like looking for him or her.
For KID: How do you feel when you find something you love that you lost?
TOGETHER: Look for moments this week to remind each other how you are important to God.


All Ages

ON THE MOVE: Chase your little one around and when you catch him or her, say, "I found you. You are important to God."
PLAY TIME: Take a stuffed animal and hide it somewhere in the house. Have your little one find it and bring it to you. Then celebrate that what was lost has been found.


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