Live Stream Technical Support

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AppleTV via AirPlay

You can stream the broadcast by visiting on any AirPlay compatible device, then sending the signal via AirPlay to the AppleTV connected to your television.

Complete directions for connecting your AppleTV with your television and network can be found here:

Complete AirPlay directions can be found here:


You can stream the broadcast by installing the Google Chrome browser and relevant Google Cast Extension on any compatible device or computer, visiting in the Chrome browser, and then tab-cast the web page to the Chromecast connected to your television.

Complete directions for connecting your Google Chromecast to your television can be found here:

Complete directions for setting up your Google Chromecast with your device can be found here:

Complete directions on tab-casting to your television can be found here:

Direct Computer Connection

You can play the broadcast by connecting your computer directly with the correct video cable to your HDMI enabled television, utilizing the television as a second screen.

A quick guide to connecting your computer to your television can be found here:

Android Users

Issues During Live Streaming

Having issues with the live stream during our Sunday morning services? Try these troubleshooting steps below.

  • 1. Move closer to your router
  • A router’s reach is limited. If you have a large home with only one router, you may not be able to get a good signal from certain locations in your house. Move your device closer to your router, or consider adding routers to increase signal range.
  • 2. Plug in directly to your router
  • Bypass wifi completely and make a physical connection to the router using a cable.
  • 3. Switch to data/create a hot spot
  • If plugging in doesn’t help, the network may be the culprit. Try switching your device to use data, or create a hot spot on your mobile phone.
  • 4. Choose a lower quality
  • If you’re watching on, adjust the embedded video player from “auto” to a lower quality to better match your internet speed. When on “auto,” the player automatically detects your internet speed and chooses the best video quality. As your internet speed changes, the player also adjusts the quality chosen, and the switching can cause freezes, lag time, and other blips.


Could this be an issue on Bent Tree's end?

Our team monitors the stream for issues and addresses any that arise as quickly as possible, however Bent Tree has a state-of-the-art system that more than covers the needs to deliver a consistently quality live stream. This means that issues you experience may be a result of your personal settings.

Why can I watch Netflix without issues but not the live stream?

Video providers such as YouTube and Netflix provide what is called Video on Demand (or VOD). VODs provide videos that are pre-uploaded to their server. When you, as a user, watch that video, you are downloading the entire video, likely on to your local computer. The upload happened in the future.

A live stream, however, is happening in real time. The provider of the video uploads in “data packets” periodically. When you, as a user, download the video, you’re downloading the data packets that have been uploaded, but will need to continue to download as well. This requires a more robust internet connection.

Bent Tree monitors our upload process to make sure we are within the upload quantity for the speed provided. We very rarely have any upload issues, and do our best to resolve those as quickly as possible. We’re happy to let you know if there are any issues on our end, and simply restarting the live stream after we’ve adjusted should also resolve your issues.

Why are there issues if I'm using the fastest internet speed?

There are a plethora of factors other than the internet speed you’ve purchased from your network provider that can affect the live stream quality.

Fixed vs. variable speed

Cable connections guarantee an average speed, so it may be faster or slower at any given time, but will average out to the speed you selected for your plan. This includes middle-of-the-night speeds when there is very low traffic, so your speed may be significantly slower during peak-traffic times.

Competition for bandwidth

How many users or devices are accessing the network’s bandwidth? Depending on your internet plan, this could include other family members and devices in your home, or your neighbors.

Wifi set-up: Proximity, layout, etc.

The ratio of your house size to the reach of your router can also cause labored live streaming. Think about the layout of your house as well. If you have a closed floor plan, the wifi signal may struggle to get through walls, or bounce off your fridge. Even metal beams in your roof can affect it.

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Live Stream Support Questions

Letting us know what device you were using when experiencing technical issues will help us troubleshoot.

Letting us know what browser you were using when experiencing technical issues will help us troubleshoot.

Please note that the Telling the Truth app is managed by Telling the Truth, and the Bent Tree staff will not be able to help you troubleshoot.