Guidelines to help you successfully navigate the "ICNU" conversation.

ICNU Best Practices

Best Practice 1

Pray before you plan the conversation. Take the time to pray for and about your potential apprentice before having an ICNU. Pray that God will show you how he sees them and what he may be doing in and through them.

Best Practice 2

Plan out what you will say. The best encouragement and envisioning conversations are planned and intentional. Think through what you see in them and what God is showing you. What are their strengths? When have you seen them thrive? How have they already made a difference in others? What potential do you see in them that they may not see in themselves? How else could they make a difference in others, the church, or community?

Best Practice 3

Remember the goal of the ICNU conversation — it is to encourage the individual and invite them into an apprenticing relationship. Keep the conversation clear and concise. Here is what it may sound like:

Hey Mike. You have done such an amazing job this school year with your third grade small group. You’ve built an incredible relationship with your kids. Because of you, the kids come here and feel like church is a place where they are known and belong, and you consistently point them to Jesus. You’ve done that by having fun with kids, listening to them really well, and following up with them during the week.

I’ve also noticed that while you are an incredible small group leader to the kids, you also invest in the other leaders in the room. As new leaders have joined the team, you have taken them under your wing and helped them better serve the kids.

I see in you a leader of leaders. You’re an exceptional small group leader, but I also think you can lead other leaders. I would love for us to spend some intentional time together on your growth and development, and would love to show you more of my role as a coach.

Have you ever considered or thought about leading other leaders? Would you be interested in entering into an apprenticing relationship with me?