Welcome to the Leader Path

Adventure awaits.

The leadership at Bent Tree has big dreams. We dream of a day when countless people get to experience what it’s like for Jesus to lead and make kingdom impact through them. We dream of arriving at the Bema Seat of Christ and seeing how Jesus used his people at Bent Tree to make an eternal impact, to radically alter the trajectory of people, and to expand the occupancy of heaven.

We dream this for you, because Jesus dreams it for you.

Why leader development?

We sense that Jesus is leading our church to focus on leader development at this season, and to invite others — like you — on this journey of developing leaders. Throughout history, in every generation, God has designated specific people as his means to demonstrate grace and invite others into his kingdom, then train them to lead. Now we invite you to be used by God to develop the next generation of leaders. Our vision for Leader Path is that one day, every leader in our church is bringing someone along for kingdom impact.

The Apprentice Model

While there are many models of leadership development that are effective, Leader Path is strategically built on the apprentice model. We believe apprenticing is the proven transformational model used by Jesus with his disciples (Mark 3:13-15). An apprentice is someone being intentionally developed for leadership through practical experience and relational guidance under a leader to obtain a leadership role or competency.

Step onto the Leader Path

Leader Path was designed to provide you with a foundation as you develop leaders. Bringing someone along with you on Leader Path will be an exciting journey – for you, your apprentice, and the kingdom. Now it’s your turn!

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