Core: Essential for every leader

Uncover leadership DNA.

At Bent Tree, we believe in servant leadership. Christ was and is our model for leadership — and he led with his towel not the rod. This Christ dwells in us, and enables us to equip servant leaders. The Five C's are characteristics that we desire to see our leaders agree with now, as well as develop over time.

  • Christ: The indwelling Christ is the source of Life, day by day, and any fruit of eternal significance comes from abiding in him (John 15:1-17; Gal. 5:22-23).
  • Character: When selecting leaders in the church of Ephesus, Paul told Timothy to look for people whose character would “be above reproach” (1 Tim. 3:1-13).
  • Competency: Leadership takes skill and heart. An essential skill that every leader must have is equipping, developing, and deploying others. 
  • Chemistry: Relational chemistry is often the difference-maker in leadership because it seeks to create unity, not uniformity, among a group of people. 
  • Capacity: Leadership is often demanding and requires the leader to set priorities and manage time well.

We encourage you to download the Full Core Resource below to start the conversation with your apprentice. As you interact with each of the Five C’s, encourage honesty and transparency around the key questions. The purpose of this resource is to identify key areas for development. We recommend having the apprentice look at the discussion questions before the conversation.

Once you have identified key areas for development for the Core of leadership, move on to Pour to find out how to start giving it away.

Download the Full Core Resource

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