Hurricane Harvey Relief

Responding to the Needs

Hurricane Harvey has devastated southeast Texas, and continues to dump rain in areas completely submerged. As of August 29, the rain is forecasted to continue for several days and the flooding is only going to worsen.

As a first response, we are releasing crisis response funds from Faith Promise to Samaritan’s Purse. We have partnered with them for years in catastrophic events in the US and around the world, and they have proven themselves excellent at crisis response.

Our first and most important response to this event to pray. Please take time in every meeting and phone call to pray for the people impacted by this storm. Specifically, pray for people to call on the Lord and lean into him, rather than push away.

Short-Term Response Plan

Long-Term Response Plan

It will take years for many of the impacted areas to recover. Ken Fifer, Bent Tree Missions Pastor, is in communication with Ryan Lokkesmoe, our Bent Tree Network affiliate and pastor of Real Hope Church in Houston, to assess what needs and potential volunteer opportunities he will have in the coming days, weeks, and months. At present, our Missions Team has identified Real Hope Church in Houston as a primary partner in on-the-ground, long-term relief effort.


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Hurricane Harvey Relief

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