Frisco Campus Update


Over the past several months, Frisco’s Campus Leadership Team (CLT), the Bent Tree Senior Leadership Team (SLT), and the Bent Tree Elders have been in discussion about how the Frisco campus fits into the future of Bent Tree. After much prayer, the Elder Board informed us in October that due to the current challenges facing Bent Tree and the vibrance of our Frisco campus, we have been given the option to either equip and empower our congregation to become a church plant of Bent Tree, or to close the doors of the Frisco Campus and return to the Carrollton Campus. The Elders have graciously offered their full support into wherever God is leading us. They asked the Frisco CLT to pray about what’s next for the Frisco Campus and to deliver a proposal on December 2, 2020.

The Frisco CLT has spent the last few weeks praying over this and believes that God is guiding our campus to pursue becoming an independent church plant of Bent Tree. Jesus has been at work in our campus over the past five years, and we believe that we have a unique calling and mission to continue proclaiming and demonstrating the Gospel in Frisco and the surrounding communities.  

As you may remember, the Town Hall in June 2019 was a pivotal day for Bent Tree Frisco. In this meeting, the decision to close the campus due to financial underperformance was announced. That announcement served as a rallying cry for our congregation because we believed that God had something more for us to do in our city, and the Frisco Campus was launched into a season of desperate dependence and renewed ownership. 

We learned to make difficult and prayerful decisions. We learned the burden and the joy of stewarding God’s resources and shepherding his flock. We learned to ask Jesus what he is doing in our community and to join him in his work. We learned that by God’s grace we could not only survive but thrive, as a campus. In this season, God has used us to do unimaginable things. 

In light of all this, we (CLT) strongly believe that before finalizing this decision, we must involve the congregation. So, during the month of November, we will all engage in a prayerful dialogue regarding this topic. 

We want to see Jesus at work within the whole body through this process. Our church here in Frisco is not simply defined as a group that gathers, but by each member that attends and pours into the ministry that Jesus has established. We love you and are excited about our journey together.

By His Grace,

Frisco Campus Leadership Team

Rob Enright, Heidi Rasmussen, Matt Baxter, Lindsay Eichten, Ron Womack, Anne Womack, Steve Gamble, Leslie Hicks, Dave Kiernan, Michael McKibben, Wendy Poer, and Mike Mabie.