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Think about the houses or apartments in every direction around yours. Now, think about the people who live in them, how many first names can you put with those faces? Last names? Or, let’s really meddle, do you know what's going on in their lives? What their needs, hopes, and dreams are? More specifically, what if Jesus wanted to use you, as he’s drawing them to himself, to love, serve, or connect with them? Would you know where to begin?

We love our city, and we love our friends and family members who live near us. We long for them to experience the Life found in Jesus.

Simply put, the Neighboring Challenge is being an unexpected neighbor to those around us who may not know Jesus. In Matthew 22 Jesus said it this way, “Love your neighbor as yourself.” Being an unexpected neighbor is more than just being friendly to them. It’s taking a Spirit-led risk, we call this a Neighboring Risk, to establish or deepen a relationship with a neighbor, friend, or coworker. The Neighboring Challenge is a commitment to take six of these risks before Labor Day 2017. This is because we long for them to experience the life transforming love and grace of Jesus.


Our heart for Frisco

We launched the Frisco campus with one vision in mind: to become a grace distribution center for the city of Frisco and its surrounding communities. We want to be known for the way we love and serve our city. For it to be normal for us to live in a rhythm of responsiveness to Jesus as he expresses his life in and through us. We want it to be normal to respond to His prompting to love, serve, and connect with others — to think beyond ourselves. 

Are you ready?

Our hope is for 250 people from Bent Tree in Frisco to accept the Neighboring Challenge. This will manifest itself in many ways — it may be listening when a neighbor needs to talk, serving someone in need, or beginning a new relationship with someone you’ve never met. Imagine what could happen through 1,500 moments of Jesus expressing his Life through us – distributing his grace throughout our city. It’s going to be an exciting year…

If you’re ready to accept the Neighboring Challenge, click the button below so we can stay in touch.

I'm in!

I’m making myself available for Jesus to use me
as an Unexpected Neighbor to my friends,
neighbors, and coworkers as I accept
the challenge of taking six neighboring risks
by Labor Day 2017 (Monday, September 4).


Here are a few stories of those who have accepted the Neighboring Challenge. Check them out and let them encourage you. And when you feel the Spirit prompting you to be an Unexpected Neighbor – to love or serve someone who may not know Jesus, come back and share your story so it can be an encouragement to others.

Everlee's Story

Pete's Story


Rob's Story

Dawn's Story


More Neighboring Stories

Share Your Story

Your story is part of the story of Bent Tree Frisco, which is part of God’s bigger story of reaching people in our city who are missing his grace. Jesus wants to change our city! We would love for him to do it through us, one relationship at a time. As you join us on this journey, we’d love to hear your story. You can share it with us by clicking the button below.




"The Neighboring Church: Getting Better at What Jesus Says Matters Most" by Brian Mavis
"The Art of Neighboring: Building Genuine Relationships Right Outside Your Door" by Jay Pathak & Dave Runyon


Art of Neighboring