Frisco Campus Move

We've moved!

Bent Tree Frisco has moved to a new location.
Join us Sunday mornings at Verona Villa.

10:30 a.m.



Sundays 10:30 a.m.


Verona Villa
6591 Dallas Parkway
Frisco, TX


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Frequently Asked Questions

Why are we making this move? Why now?

We have known for a while that we needed God to provide our next facility solution. Challenges with the air conditioning in the crowded hallways at Newman Elementary make summers very difficult for young families. Internet access limitations mean we cannot do two Sunday services to accommodate our increasing numbers. Simply put, we have grown as much as we can at Newman. And did we mention that Verona Villa has adult-sized chairs and bathrooms?

What is the timing? When is the first Sunday at Verona Villa?

Our first Sunday at Verona Villa will be July 9. We are considering July and August to be a “soft launch” season, where we work out the kinks. So be ready when you come to experience a bit of “pardon our mess, we’re still moving.” We will have a grand opening celebration on September 10 (our two-year anniversary as a campus of Bent Tree). That will be the time to invite friends to check out Bent Tree in Frisco.

What are the financial implications of this move?

Remember when Pete was with us at Bent Tree Frisco back in March? He told us that with the chapel ground-breaking it was time to turn our attention toward finding Frisco’s next facility solution. God is good. The elders of Bent Tree have agreed to invest just over $100,000 from The Gift (our capital campaign) to fully fund our transition into Verona Villa. We anticipate this will improve our overall Sunday experience, while giving us “room to grow” over the next 3+ years.

With the move to Verona Villa comes a rent increase, about double our current rent. We are doing everything possible to minimize operating expenses to help oset the rent increase. We are also praying for God to grow the number of families who are regular financial contributors to Bent Tree in Frisco.

What are the biggest challenges we will face? How can I help?

At our new facility, you will notice that the worship center is slightly smaller, but we will have much more space for children. Remember, however, that we will now be able to go to two service times, which will allow us to grow. With two services comes the need for additional servants in Kids Ministry and Guest Services. We will also need to grow our roadie team. The move to Verona Villa shortens and simplifies the roadie process, which is great. But we need to grow this team of faithful servants. If you have been waiting for the right time to step in and serve on Sundays, that time is now. There is no better way to connect and belong.