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This book gives pastoral counsel to help people understand and apply what the Bible says about work. Although many people may consider their vocation nothing more than a job, Keller argues work is a gift used to serve God and others. To understand the purpose of work more biblically, the book is divided into three parts. 


Amy Sherman, director of the Center on Faith in Communities and scholar of vocational stewardship, uses the tsaddiqim as a springboard to explore how, through our faith-formed calling, we announce the kingdom of God to our everyday world. But cultural trends toward privatism and materialism threaten to dis-integrate our faith and our work. And the church, in ways large and small, has itself capitulated to those trends, while simultaneously elevating the "special calling" of professional ministry and neglecting the vocational formation of laypeople. In the process, we have, in ways large and small, subverted our kingdom mandate. 


Work. For some this word represents drudgery and the mundane. For others work is an idol to be served. If you find yourself anywhere on the spectrum from workaholic to weekend warrior, it’s time to bridge the gap between Sunday worship and Monday work. Striking a balance between theological depth and practical counsel, Tom Nelson outlines God’s purposes for work in a way that helps us to make the most of our vocation and to join God in his work in the world. Discover a new perspective on work that will transform your workday and make the majority of your waking hours matter, not only now, but for eternity. 


Your Work Matters to God demonstrates just how important secular work is to God. Whether you are a man or woman, once you realize how many different ways there are to influence your coworkers for Christ without preaching a word, you’ll be challenged to develop a lifestyle so striking and true, the people you work with will be eager to let you talk about what makes you different. 




The Table is a weekly podcast on topics related to God, Christianity, and cultural engagement brought to you by the Hendricks Center at Dallas Theological Seminary. The show features a variety of guests and is hosted by Dr. Darrell Bock, Bill Hendricks, Mikel Del Rosario, and Kymberli Cook.

Whether you are multi-tasking, commuting, or working out, our episodes are sure to encourage and inspire you to grow spiritually & professionally. With hundreds of episodes to binge, we promise to bring you content that will help you refine the details of life.

These messages were an effort to help guide our church of young 20 somethings to a fully integrated life where one's career becomes another expression of devotion to Jesus.

Episode: Two Kinds of Work

In Genesis 1 and 2, humanity is created and placed in a garden full of potential and abundance. Their job is to act as God’s image and to be fruitful, multiply, fill the earth. But in Genesis 3, humanity chose to defy God and fell from their original destiny. As a result, the nature of their work, which was originally to be pleasurable and fulfilling, has now been cursed. The ground is cursed and work is now “toil,” a desperate struggle to survive in the very place they were supposed to rest.


Right Now Media

To Whom Is Given: Business For the Common Good, tells the stories of three Christian business owners who authentically live out their faith through “ordinary” work. What does it mean to find your “calling”? Do Christians working in business have equally high callings to those working in ministry? In…


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