Groups are a great way to address the next step on your spiritual journey. Bent Tree Carrollton has small groups for everyone: LifeGroups, Bible studies, interest groups like knitting and running, support groups, and service groups. We have groups for young adults, empty nesters, women, men, singles, and married couples.

Whether you live near the church building or miles away, connecting in groups helps you belong, receive, embrace, and contribute as part of the Bent Tree Family. So, get into a circle and out of the row.

We also have large groups (including MOPS) that meet on-site at the Bent Tree Carrollton Campus for live or video teaching and then break up into smaller groups for discussion and prayer. This can also be a great place to start if you’re new to groups.


Start a Group

Step 1

New Group Form

Step 2

Servant Application

Leader Questionnaire

Step 3

Conversation with a Community Pastor Once we've received your forms for both step 1 & 2, you will be contacted to schedule this conversation.

Step 4

Background Check You will be sent a link to the background check form after your conversation with a Community Pastor.