Family Ministry

We're gonna make a great team.

At our Carrollton campus, our Family Ministry believes that two combined influences are greater than two separate influences. When the church and the home are synchronized in a partnership, great things happen. The strategy of the Family Ministry is to set up home life to be the primary faith champion. We do that by creating shared experiences for your family and providing creative ways to foster teachable and memorable moments at home around our curriculum.

Early Childhood

In Early Childhood Ministry we hope to establish the foundation of each child's faith in Jesus Christ. We stay focused on three primary things we want kids to know.

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In Elementary Ministry we hope to guide each child into a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Through this relationship with Jesus, Elementary Ministry helps kids understand three key principles.

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The strategy of Middle School and High School Ministry is to lead students into their own walk with Christ and teach them to share him with others as he expresses his life in and through them.

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Special Needs

Bent Tree strives to provide a Christ-centered, accepting environment where individuals with special needs can learn the love of Christ.

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