Care & Support

We're here when you need us.

Life can be hard. Sometimes harder than we can handle on our own. Just as Christ lives in every believer, he desires to use trying circumstances to move us toward dependence upon him. Many times, he uses other believers, his church, to be his hands and feet. Our Care & Support ministry is here to come alongside you, offering a Christ-centered perspective.



Are you ready to do a deeper dive into addressing potential root problems? We have curriculum-based studies that will provide encouragement as well as new life skills to help you move forward. Click below to see the studies we have available and register.

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You don't have to do this alone. We have ongoing groups that offer support for a variety of needs, including cancer, parenting single, special needs, and those with loved ones with mental health issues. Click below to learn more about our available groups and get signed up.

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We have resources to help you through difficult times. In addition to counseling and mentors for married couples, we also have resources for things like financial guidance, home and auto maintenance, and hospital visits. Click below to learn about all we have available and request help.

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