Bent Tree Network & PLP

Bent Tree Network

The Bent Tree Network trains, encourages, and resources leaders committed to New Covenant preaching where Christ is central, grace is lived out, and mission prioritized. This network of Senior Pastors each have a special connection to Bent Tree as part of their spiritual heritage. Some have been trained here through our Pastoral Launching Pad, others are past interns or served on staff here, and others were members of Bent Tree before taking the lead pastoral role in their church.



Pastoral Launching Pad (PLP)

Ministry Residency Program

The most effective way to raise up churches who raise up Christ is to raise up leaders who raise up Christ and then get those leaders into churches that need Christocentric leaders. Our dream is to raise up the next generation of Christocentric, mission minded, expositional preaching leaders who thrive in ministry despite the hardships, to survive in ministry despite the temptations, who lead their churches to a deep understanding of the mystery of Christ.

The Pastoral Launching Pad (PLP) is a one-year residency open for men and women who feel called by God to lead a local church or lead a church plant. Residents will spend 40 hours per week working directly in the ministries of Bent Tree while being mentored and trained by various Bent Tree staff members. The resident's year in PLP will include intensive training in the areas of leadership, Adult Ministry, Family Ministry, Worship & Arts, Missions, Operations, and pastoral care. PLP Residents are committed to New Covenant preaching where Christ is central, grace is lived out, and mission prioritized.

Current Residents

Amy Leigh Bamberg | PLP Resident

Amy Leigh Bamberg

Hi! I am Amy Leigh (yes, I do go by both). I grew up on a cattle and catfish farm in rural Alabama. I never say "Roll Tide" and never drink sweet tea. Ever. I am an Auburn gal and an avid Anglophile who enjoys traipsing around in nature, getting to know people, gardening, exploring western Europe, sipping a stout Earl Grey while perusing a piece of classic British literature, and eating natural crunchy peanut butter by the spoonful. And I am eager to meet the Bent Tree family.

Steven Christopher | PLP Resident

Steven & Chelsea Christopher

I am an easy-going guy that loves to talk about sports, cooking, and preaching. One of my few talents is making myself laugh at my own jokes. My wonderful wife, Chelsea, and I have been married for 5 years and are expecting to add our first child towards the end of October or early November. I am super excited to join the team and learn from great leaders at Bent Tree!



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